Malabrigo Love

I love, love, love knitting with Malabrigo.  Almost as much as I love knitting hats.  Which is kind of strange…because I don’t wear hats.  I think it stems from my knitting ADD.  Not only do you get instant gratification, but you can experiment with different stitches and yarn with no real time or materials commitment.  It’s the perfect “one skein” project.  That spendy hank of handpainted you couldn’t resist is now justifiable.  A couple of hours and Wah-lah!  You have not only a hat, but a sense of accomplishment!


Miss Kitty is a big fan of this hat, too.

Pattern:  Coronet from the Winter 2003 issue of Knitty

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted Pure Merino

Color: Molly

Needle size: 8


Knot the Point? Then What Is?

I’ve tried imagining this in different color combinations, but I cannot for the life of me ever imagine myself, or anyone I know, wearing this.   Can you?

 The gals over at Twisted Sisters Knitting have some cute patterns, but, in my opinion, this one comes up a bit short.

Playin’ Footsie

Seriously, how many people have invested valuable time and good yarn to knit this crazy contraption?  And if you did, what would you do if the phone rang?  Fashion faux pas or safety hazard?  You decide.


Don’t Forget Your Green!

I finished up Brangelina Verde last night – just in time for St. Patty’s Day. Have a festive, food coloring laden beer for me. I’ve got a long drive south ahead of me.

Brangelina Verde

Ballin’, Yo

On my way home tonight I was stuck in horrendous traffic. Not “Friday afternoons in Austin suck” traffic.  More like…”I hope no one was killed because only a serious accident could cause this” traffic. I had just left my LYS, so my first instinct was to knit the time away and that is when I realized I left without balling my yarn. How could I let this happen? I hate when I buy yarn on the internet and I have to form my own misshapen ball. It’s so much less aesthetically pleasing than the uniform ones created by a swift and ball winder…but here I was. I did the only thing a girl in my position could do.

Makeshift Ball Winder

I was pretty pleased with myself for getting that out of the way before I got home…but I’m not sure what the guy in the car next to me was thinking.

A Stitch By Any Other Name…

After taking my knitting class, I started several projects that never reached completion. Thanks to the nifty videos at, my abilities were improving much faster than I could knit. I couldn’t see the point (read: no patience) in finishing a garter stitch scarf when two days after my class I’d taught myself to cable knit…and then lace…and then…this cycle continued for awhile until my son asked me to make him something. He picked out the yarn and after looking at several patterns found a scarf that he liked. There was only one problem. It was called…

The Faggot Stitch

This just would not do. For one…it doesn’t sound very nice. Two…if his friends ever found out it was the “faggot” scarf he would never hear the end of it…and never wear it. So…being that 9 year old boys care nothing about tradition, he has renamed it “The Midnight Stitch”. Sorry about the poor photo quality.

Midnight Stitch Scarf