A Stitch By Any Other Name…

After taking my knitting class, I started several projects that never reached completion. Thanks to the nifty videos at knittinghelp.com, my abilities were improving much faster than I could knit. I couldn’t see the point (read: no patience) in finishing a garter stitch scarf when two days after my class I’d taught myself to cable knit…and then lace…and then…this cycle continued for awhile until my son asked me to make him something. He picked out the yarn and after looking at several patterns found a scarf that he liked. There was only one problem. It was called…

The Faggot Stitch

This just would not do. For one…it doesn’t sound very nice. Two…if his friends ever found out it was the “faggot” scarf he would never hear the end of it…and never wear it. So…being that 9 year old boys care nothing about tradition, he has renamed it “The Midnight Stitch”. Sorry about the poor photo quality.

Midnight Stitch Scarf


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