Ballin’, Yo

On my way home tonight I was stuck in horrendous traffic. Not “Friday afternoons in Austin suck” traffic.  More like…”I hope no one was killed because only a serious accident could cause this” traffic. I had just left my LYS, so my first instinct was to knit the time away and that is when I realized I left without balling my yarn. How could I let this happen? I hate when I buy yarn on the internet and I have to form my own misshapen ball. It’s so much less aesthetically pleasing than the uniform ones created by a swift and ball winder…but here I was. I did the only thing a girl in my position could do.

Makeshift Ball Winder

I was pretty pleased with myself for getting that out of the way before I got home…but I’m not sure what the guy in the car next to me was thinking.


3 responses to “Ballin’, Yo

  1. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

    I heard once that was a Marine saying. I use it daily in my life. And pride myself that I can adapt, improvise and overcome.

  2. Since I wind up getting stuck so often in traffic, winding seems like an awesome idea!

  3. Good use of time! Yarn play is always acceptable. 🙂
    I couldn’t live without my ball-winder (cheapo from eBay), and I’ve been lusting after a swift for ages, but I’d rather spend the cash on more yarn!

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