About Me

Because It Really Is All About Me…

1. My great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Gordon C. Jennings, was the eldest Alamo defender to die that day, March 6, 1836. His brother, Charles, died later that month in the Goliad Massacre and his father, Joseph, served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Freedom is in my blood.

2. I prefer the knit stitch to the purl stitch.

3. My Daddy thinks I’m a “radical”, which makes me laugh. It conjures up images of young people wearing berets, planning protests. I think I’m just an observationalist. I can’t help but wonder what really motivates people or events. Not to mention, it’s kinda tricky writing a manifesto with two sharp sticks in your hands.

4. I learned to knit by taking the Knit Purl Express class at Hill Country Weavers.

5. I voted for Kinky Friedman for Governor. So did everyone I know (ok…with the exception of one person). Somehow, he came in dead last.

6. My first FO was a scarf. ::NO WAY!::

7. I’m a big fan of Congressman Ron Paul.

8.  I believe Rowan Big Wool is a girl’s best friend when it comes to last minute knitted gifts.

9. I love, love, love nachos.

10.  Ask any question you’d like and I’ll fill in the blank.


One response to “About Me

  1. That’s so weird! I’m eating nachos right now! I had to push the yarn out of the way first, of course.

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